Your Home, Your Appliances: How to Ensure You Get the Appliances You Want

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Your Home, Your Appliances: How to Ensure You Get the Appliances You Want

15 July 2022
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Something a lot of buyers don't realize when they set out to have their own home built is that the builders often supply features like appliances and specific fixtures. Whether or not you can refuse the builder's choices and have your preferred brands and models used varies greatly between companies. The brands that builders use can range from well-known to not that well-known, and you may have a choice of models within the brands the builders use. But if you have your heart set on a certain stove and oven that your builder doesn't offer, you'll want to be sure that whoever you eventually sign a contract with will have avenues for you to add your own appliances.

Most Important: Look for a Developer Who Allows You to Bring Your Own

The most important step, and the most obvious once you realise this is an issue, is to find a developer who, from the start, allows you to choose your own appliances. They will likely have their own preferred models, of course, and you can choose those if you like them. But the best-case scenario is one where you can choose your appliances and have them incorporated into the building process even before the house is fully handed over to you. This is especially valuable if the appliances you want are of sizes or configurations that are less common than you'd find in most homes. You want those to fit in the kitchen and not look awkward.

Ask About Post-Handover Modifications

At some point, the home is transferred from the builder to you. You may still have your monthly payments, but you can occupy the home and call it yours. Many builders will finish the kitchen before this point. Some builders, however, will not, and they will do one of two things. One possibility is that they will hand over the house to you before the kitchen is complete, and you will be responsible for arranging electricity, plumbing, and other work – meaning you can create your dream kitchen with the appliances you want. Others will complete the kitchen without appliances and then let you make modifications – at which point you can add your own appliances. If the builder you're considering will not let you even modify the kitchen after the handover and insists that you have to use the appliances they give you, you may want to seek out other builders.

Ensure Sales Reps and Builders Are in Agreement

Do be sure that the sales representatives you speak with and the builders themselves are in agreement about this. For example, if the sales representatives tell you that you'll be able to modify the wiring and cabinet placements after the handover, make sure that is in the contract. Sometimes there are differences in contracts and home models where one might require the use of specific appliances while another would allow for more freedom.

Builders do want you to be very happy with the home you get. When you and the builder are in agreement over things like appliances, the home-building process works a lot better.

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