How A Scaffolding Expert Can Help With Your Concert Design

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How A Scaffolding Expert Can Help With Your Concert Design

3 May 2022
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If you plan to stage an outdoor concert now that things are back to normal and events are allowed, you may be planning your infrastructure. You want to create an imposing stage so that the entertainers can show off in style, and you need to take care of audiovisual needs as well to create the perfect ambience. But did you realise that you can solve many of these issues by talking to just one contractor? How can a scaffolding expert help you to achieve your goals?

Stage Design

Some of the most ornate and impressive stages in modern-day outdoor entertainment are little more than scaffolds underneath the top dressing. It makes sense to use scaffolding in a situation like this as the equipment is purpose-made for any form of construction and is guaranteed to be safe, sturdy and secure.

Many event managers will choose a stage built on scaffolding and will simply add external panels and other branding elements to make it look entirely different. The stage itself can be raised up on scaffolding which will certainly be strong enough to deal with even the most energetic entertaining group.

Speaker Positioning

You may also have to erect speakers in various locations around your park so that everyone can hear the output as intended and with no degradation. To do this, you may have to elevate some heavy speakers and subwoofers, and once again, scaffolding can come to your rescue. Talk with a scaffolding supply professional and they'll recommend how to build a tower that can accommodate the speakers, together with the cabling and other paraphernalia.

Lighting And Other Details

You can apply the same approach when it comes to lighting. If you need spotlights that will shine onto the stage from afar, mount the lighting gantry on top of separate scaffolds. And if your event is going to be particularly big and will require cameras and other production personnel, use scaffolding to build their vantage points as well.

Weather Resistant

You can be sure that all these installations will put up with any weather, no matter how unexpected and help make your special day a great success.

The Answer To All Your Problems

As you can see, scaffolding is not only for commercial or residential construction and renovation. It can be equally as valuable for event planners in many different scenarios. You don't have to struggle with stage construction or worry about how you are going to meet your audiovisual needs. Bring in a scaffolding hire instead, and they will take care of the infrastructure for you.