Have You Thought About Trying Non-Destructive Digging?

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Have You Thought About Trying Non-Destructive Digging?

12 August 2021
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Landscaping an area or preparing to build can be a complicated process. There are always plans to be shaped, sections to be marked out, and machinery to hire. Most of the work will be visible above ground level, but it is when the digging begins that things can get difficult, especially if the area has been built on in the past. Sometimes, you can easily remove items that are underground, but if they are still valuable assets such as water pipes, drains, or electrical cables, you can't remove them or risk damaging them while you are digging.

Protecting your assets

When you want to protect assets that are buried where you are digging, you can't use traditional digging methods. If you bring in mechanical diggers or even just a spade, there is a risk that you will cause irreparable damage to the assets in the ground. You might want to consider non-destructive digging instead. This method can use either high-pressure water blasting or dry suction to clear away the soil around the assets without damaging them.  

How does non-destructive digging work?

When you call a non-destructive digging company, they don't start digging immediately. Often, their work will begin with a survey of the area using GPS. They will plot the exact position of everything under the ground that must be protected. Only when everyone is clear about what needs to be done, will the digging begin One of the first things you will notice about non-destructive digging is that it generates far less mess than other digging methods. One of the most obvious is the easy way that waste is removed. One of the things everyone knows about digging is that the spoil that comes out of the ground must go somewhere. Often, you will find it piled up around the hole or along the length of the trench. Piles of earth create an unsightly mess and can be a potential hazard. With non-destructive digging, all of the earth is sucked directly into a tank and stored for disposal. Piles of soil are eliminated.

A further advantage of non-destructive digging is the lack of noise. Non-destructive digging will be considerably quieter than the heavy machinery used in conventional digging. Instead of the banging, scraping, and clanking of machinery, there are just jets of water or a sucking action. The lack of noise makes non-destructive digging ideal for residential locations or other places where noise must be minimized.