Home Extensions For When Your Parents Move In With You

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Home Extensions For When Your Parents Move In With You

29 June 2021
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Once you reached a certain age, you moved out of your family home. Once your parents reach a certain age, you might want them to move into your family home. There comes a time when every adult realises that their parents aren't getting any younger and may be finding it difficult to manage their own home. The idea of an assisted living facility might be unappealing, and so the decision is made for your parents to move in with you. Perhaps there's already sufficient space for everyone to be perfectly comfortable, however, you could consider adding an extension to accommodate your parents, as a way to say thanks for all the things they've done for you. What are some beneficial design features for such an extension?


In terms of the logistics of construction, it's more straightforward to add home extensions to the ground floor of a two-storey home. This is also the most practical course of action, as ground floor living future-proofs the space for when mobility issues may begin to affect your parents. If the layout of your home permits it, the extension should be added as close as possible to the existing portions of your home that your parents will most access, such as the kitchen.


In terms of future-proofing the extension, you'll want to make certain choices during the design phase, which will continue to serve your parents as they age and perhaps as their health declines. The doorways should be wider than average so that they can accommodate a walking frame or wheelchair if one should ever be needed. Electrical outlets should be slightly elevated so that your parents don't have to bend down to plug something in.

Living Space

The extension is intended to provide living space for your parents, but it doesn't need to be a self-contained unit as such, and space and budgetary limitations may prevent this anyway. When considering designs, look for an extension that provides a spacious, open-plan space that can serve as a bedroom, with an ensuite bathroom. Consider integrating grab bars into the design of the bathroom, which can serve a practical purpose in the years to come.

This type of home extension allows your parents to have their own space, and since it's essentially an additional bedroom and bathroom, it can only add value to your home (while also serving a valuable service for your parents).

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