The Benefits Of Hiring A Building Consultant

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Building Consultant

19 April 2021
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Building consultants are a critical component of any construction project. Typically, they offer consultancy services to ensure you build a functional home that meets your varying needs. Below is an extract detailing how you can benefit from the services of a building consultant. 

Effect Of Planning Laws On Construction Works

Your building consultant will advise how planning laws will impact the construction works. For example, when building in a strata development, the bylaws could compel you to use predetermined building designs. The local building code could have requirements regarding the type of foundation used and the building's height. Failure to comply with these regulations could cause legal suits in the future. Besides, it could be challenging to sell the property. 

Reducing Construction Costs

Building costs are a significant concern for most people. An experienced building consultant can help you reduce these costs. For instance, the professional could advise where you can get recycled materials such as steel. 

Labour takes a considerable chunk of the construction budget. Therefore the consultant could recommend modern building techniques that reduce labour costs and ensure your home is complete in a few weeks. For instance, you could use expanded polystyrene (EPS), pre-cast panels, flat slabbing, pre-cast foundations and tunnel formwork. 

House Design

The consultant will advise on a suitable house design. Ideally, the consultant will need to understand your needs, lifestyle and budget to determine the features that you should incorporate. For instance, the consultant will recommend energy-efficiency features such as glazed windows, insulation and solar water heaters. If you are worried about your finances after taking out the home loan, the designer could propose a guest wing to be used as an income-generating project. The consultant will assess the area of the plot and advise on a suitable house size to ensure you have adequate parking and recreational space. 

Construction Management

The consultant will also advise you on how to manage the construction works. For instance, they can show you how to analyse a building quote and how to divide the construction works. If you do not have sufficient funds, the consultant will show you how to apply for a home loan. The consultant will also guide you as you hire a contractor. 

As observed, the building consultant's services can significantly ease your home construction journey. When hiring a building consultant, conduct due diligence to establish their specialisation and experience. Additionally, review the consultant's terms and pricing before signing the engagement contract.