3 Easy Ways to Identify the Right Marine Project Consultant

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3 Easy Ways to Identify the Right Marine Project Consultant

6 September 2019
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Building a structure offshore is more difficult than most people think. On land, contractors have to deal with a few issues, but offshore construction exposes workers and equipment to extreme conditions. If you do not get it right the first time, you might as well cancel the entire project — that is, if your priority is safety. However, if you want an offshore structure to withstand maritime conditions, you need the services of a marine project consultant. These consultants offer vital services for any offshore construction, such the construction of a marina. Therefore, you need to hire the best in the business. This article highlights tips for identifying the right marine project consultant for your offshore project.  

Evaluates Maintenance Plans

As mentioned earlier, the sea is a harsh environment for any structure. Therefore, once a structure is up and functional, it requires regular maintenance. For instance, rust and marine growth can significantly impact the functioning of submerged parts. However, since the marine environment differs from one part of the water body to another, maintenance services must be tailor-made for a particular area. A qualified marine project consultant can conduct tests on a project site and evaluate your maintenance plan. If the maintenance strategies in the program are adequate for the underwater structure, the consultant checks it off. However, if the plan is inadequate, chances are that the consultant will recommend a better maintenance plan.     

Prepares Operational Procedures

Offshore construction requires meticulous planning and execution. Therefore, preparing operational procedures is vital since it ensures the right supporting engineering calculations and analyses are followed. Part of such preparation might involve recommending the correct type of equipment to use, the appropriate offshore construction methods, as well as the floating stability vessels. If you want to begin your offshore project on the right footing, ensure you choose a consultant that prepares operational procedures for clients.

Witness Trials and Tests

Offshore construction requires tests and trials at many different stages of the project to determine whether components function as desired. While a contractor's engineers can conduct these tests, it is essential to have independent verification witnesses. A marine project consultant comes in handy at this point since they can be called upon to witness tests or trials on the structure in question. Examples of analyses a marine consultant can witness independently include propulsion tests, bollard pull and jacking trials. The consultants can also provide their contacts for verification with third parties.