3 Ways 3D Laser Scanning Can Increase the Sale Value of Your Property

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3 Ways 3D Laser Scanning Can Increase the Sale Value of Your Property

28 February 2017
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Finding ways to increase the listing price of your property ahead of putting it on the market can be tough, but new technology is providing sellers with an innovative way to maximise value. 3D laser scanning is increasingly being used by the real estate sector to boost the selling potential of properties across the country, and here are just three ways that it can help you get more money for your home.

Reveal Structural Issues to Fix Ahead of Listing

3D laser scanning is able to record millions of precise measurements in a short amount of time, something that is simply not feasible with traditional methods of surveying. Any discrepancies in the structural integrity of your property, like subsidence, bowed walls or anything else that affects buildings, can be quickly identified through the process of laser scanning. This then gives you time to fix any issues that could lower the value of your property before you list it for sale.

Highlight Space Your Never Thought Your Property Had

When you are trying to figure out the exact number of square feet or metres that your property provides, laser scanning really does come into its own. All the tiny measurements that the scan records are stitched together to produce a complete 3D model of your property. This gives you the most accurate complete overview of the amount of space your property contains. You might find that there is actually more space in the building than you had previously thought, allowing you to advertise a larger property.

Give Buyers an Immersive Tour from the Comfort of Their Home

Imagine being able to walk through your property in the same way you can explore cities with Google Street View. 3D laser scanning lets you achieve this and, more importantly, it gives prospective buyers the opportunity to explore your property without having to physically visit the address. This opens the doors to buyers nationwide and those who do not have the time to visit lots of different properties. It's a great way to make your property stand out from the crowd!

You could be very pleasantly surprised by just how much more you could sell your property for with the help of laser scanning. It can help you avoid pitfalls in the selling process and also give you a head start when it comes to getting your listing in front of prospective buyers, so it is definitely something to consider.