Painting your dining room a dynamic colour

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Painting your dining room a dynamic colour

27 February 2017
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If you are sick of the same, boring, neutral paint colours and want to step out of the square for your dining room, then keep reading. Choosing exciting and stimulating colours can help to stimulate the appetite and the soul, making for interesting and exciting meals. Here are some ideas. 

Red and red tones

There is a good reason that many fast food restaurants have reds in their logos. Red is associated with excitement and stimulation, which tends to make people feel hungry. While a pure red wall might be a bit too much, you can also use a red toned shade, such as orange or pink, to get some of these benefits with a less vivid shade. You can also use painting ideas such as featured cornices or paint rails to add some red without overpowering the room. Make sure that you are confident about your choice before you start, as red can be one of the trickier colours to paint over if you change your mind. 


Yellow is a bright and sunny colour that tends to make people feel happy, energised and calm. It is also reputed to increase metabolism, which is why it is another popular choice for fast food logos. It is It is a great choice for dining rooms that get a lot of natural light and are used during the day. It is a great colour to pair with modern black and white furniture, creating a modern pop of colour without overpowering the room. 


If you want to inject some more interest and energy into your dining room but don't want too 'bright' a colour, metallics can be another great option. These colours draw the light and create an energetic yet classy feel in a room. There is a growing range of metallic paints for indoors settings, offering finishes from muted sheens to bright and reflective metallics to suit the tastes of the homeowners. The additional texture can also draw in the eye and create a unique mood in a room, without sacrificing the flexibility of a relatively neutral shade that can match different crockery and furniture. 

If you want some help in creating a new and dynamic colour scheme in your dining room, it can be worth investing in the services of a professional painter. They can help to ensure that the dining room is painted well and has a seamless finish, which will impress your guests.