Choosing New Bathroom Tiles: 2 Exciting Options

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Choosing New Bathroom Tiles: 2 Exciting Options

27 February 2017
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If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you may be considering which type of tile you wish to use. In the past, homeowners only had a limited choice of different colours and types of tile. However, a modern tile shop will contain many different designs made from a range of materials. Below is a guide to two popular types of tile used to decorate the modern Australian bathroom.

Wood Look Tiles

At first, the idea of making a wall or floor which looks like it is made of wood when it is in fact made of a tile may seem a little strange. However, installing wood look tiles can be a choice. Using real wood in a bathroom can pose many problems. If water from the sink or shower comes into contact with the wooden surface, it can cause mildew and mould to form. This will look unpleasant and will take time to clean. Water can also make wooden surfaces warp out of shape, which means you could find yourself having to replace the wood panels. Wood look tiles are easier to install and provide the same visual effect but with none of the problems.

Cement Look Tiles

Cement look tiles are perfect if you want to create a clean and clinical look within your bathroom. Again, you may be wondering why you would use a tile which looks like cement when you could just plaster a layer of cement onto the bathroom floor or walls. 

While cement is a quite durable if it cracks it is easily affected by moisture. Cement look tiles are a good solution to this problem as it is almost impossible for water to penetrate beneath the surface of a tile, so you can have peace of mind that your new bathroom will last for many years. Cement tiles come in a wide range of different sizes which means you can easily find a tile which is suitable for the area you wish to cover. Attaching cement tiles to a surface is also much easier than trying to pour and level out a layer of concrete.

While shopping for new tiles may seem a little boring, it doesn't have to be. These are just two of the many options which are available to you as you plan your new bathroom. If you would like further help and advice choosing the best tile for your home, you should contact a professional tile contractor today.