Why Realtors May Want to Rethink Pumping Stations in Subdivisions

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Why Realtors May Want to Rethink Pumping Stations in Subdivisions

24 February 2017
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With the way in which the real estate market is moving, there are some real estate companies purchasing larger, and mostly unfinished, developments. These developments may have been started and then abandoned at early stages in the project and sold off at a loss. If you are a realtor or real estate developer that has purchased a development like this, you may have also purchased a sewage pump station along with it. The problem is, how do you sell homes closer to the pumping station and keep the integrity of the development? Here are some ideas.

Rehouse the Pump Station

You may need a few pipeline contractors for this idea, but it can be very beneficial to the look and feel of your development. In fact, there are many developments that are taking on this idea. Instead of leaving the pumping station visible, consider building a home around it. You can develop a home that encases the pump station and looks like any other home in the development. Pipeline contractors can come in and help with any pipeline issues that may be caused or laying new line if necessary. The house, which will of course simply be an open shell around the pumping station, will blend in seamlessly while allowing the pump to operate as normal.

Consider Administrative Development

One of the reasons that having a pumping station in development may be a turn off to some buyers is due to proximity. Some buyers may not want to have a home near the pumping station, no matter how well masked the station is. If the station is toward the back of the development, consider creating an administrative portion of the area around the pump station. Have pipeline contractors lay pipe and extend some of the portions of the station out to other buildings. For example, you can have one building that houses any shut off valves to the pumping station, another building that houses the meters and so on. Each building looks like one of the homes in the development so everything is well hidden and pleasing to see while avoiding having to sell homes that are adjacent to the pumping station.

Partition Off the Area

You may be under a very tight budget, which would not allow for building shell homes to hide the pumping station or administrative complexes connected to it. You may also have an issue with the way the current pipeline runs from the pumping station outwards to the development. You can go with a cheaper option of having the pipeline contractors re-work the pipelines to fit your development ideas, and then simply partition off the pumping station area from sight. This may solve several of your issues, depending on the layout of the development.

These are only a few of the ideas that realtors and developers can take on if a pumping station is an issue with a purchased development. If you are unsure of what other options may be available for you, consider a consultation with pipeline contractors skilled in dealing specifically with real estate and pump station development.