Why Choose a Dual Occupancy Builder for Your Project?

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Why Choose a Dual Occupancy Builder for Your Project?

24 February 2017
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As a developer, when you're ready to have new homes built for a new subdivision or even just on a lot or two, you may be thinking about a dual occupancy home. This can mean two sales for every location, increasing your overall profits. However, it's good to work with a builder who specializes in dual occupancy buildings for this project. Note why that is and why they can be needed for your project.

1. Site assessment

Dual occupancy homes may need to be set out on a site a bit differently than a single occupancy home. One reason for this is that the home will need to have separate entrances for each individual, so there may need to be two driveways built or a wider drive to accommodate a larger garage. With two entrances to the home itself, the site may need additional preparation and clearing, so that the entrances are not blocked by trees and other such features. Because of the these particular needs, it's good to have a builder who is more skilled at site assessment for dual occupancy in particular, as he or she will ensure these details are not overlooked.

2. Town planning

While dual occupancy homes will mean twice the sales, it will also usually mean twice the traffic in and out of a subdivision, twice the number of schoolchildren in the area, and twice the number of pedestrians using sidewalks around the development. In turn, you may need to work with town planners to widen roadways, install new traffic lights and sidewalks, and may also want to consider if additional schools or school buses need to be provided to accommodate families in your development. A dual occupancy builder will usually be able to assist with this type of town planning to ensure the neighbourhood can accommodate your development.

3. Noise and privacy issues

Insulating a home from the noise of neighbours and providing some privacy for a new development is important for any home, but especially for a dual occupancy house. The walls may need some added insulation and the layout of the homes may also affect the sound that carries between each section. The outdoor area may also need separating, not just to mark off boundaries but to provide privacy and sound insulation as well. A dual occupancy builder will be able to note how to best provide this privacy and protection from noise using certain building materials, outdoor hedges, and other such details.