Three Types of Concrete Grinders at Your Disposal

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Three Types of Concrete Grinders at Your Disposal

23 February 2017
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Today, concrete floors are some of the most commonly used materials in buildings. If done well, concrete can last many years compared to other materials like wood. There are many ways of finishing off a concrete floor to ensure aesthetic appeal, and concrete grinding is one of them.

The grinders come in a host of configurations, but they all use an abrasive to polish or grind the concrete floor, producing the desired finish. To add on that, you are not limited on the type of concrete finish that you can grind. Custom-made grinders can be used to work on granite, marble and a host of other materials. Here is a look at some of the popular types of concrete grinders you can use for your work:

Multiple Held Grinders

A multiple held grinder is packaged with many discs that rotate horizontally. These discs perform various tasks when you are grinding the concrete floor. Some discs do the grinding on a superficial level while others employ super-abrasive polishing pads to give the floor a very smooth finish. One of the top benefits of a multiple held grinder is that it has several attachments, which can be fitted on the machine according to the demands of the job you are carrying out.

Hand-held Grinders

Just as the name suggests, hand-held grinders are handy and highly portable gadgets, usually used for minor grinding work. In most cases, they have a diameter ranging between five and seven inches with a single head. This means that the machine can only carry out one task at a time, unlike a multiple held concrete grinder. If you have concrete floor with paint stains and other constructional irregularities in small sections, then this is the right grinder to go for. Hand-held concrete grinders cannot replace walk-behind grinders designed for cleaning up large sections of concrete floors.

Dustless Grinders

Cleaning during and after construction work can be a very messy job. The combination of cement, rocks and paint often creates small airborne particles when you are cleaning. This is very irritating as it makes the working environment unbearable. Dustless grinders help you address this problem. They come with a dust cover, which disposes the dust collected as you grind the concrete. Other features also help you do the job quickly and more gracefully.

Choosing the right type of concrete grinder is the difference between a neatly done concrete floor and one that doesn't live up to its name. Choose wisely.