3 reasons you'll be glad you've employed a building inspection service

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3 reasons you'll be glad you've employed a building inspection service

22 February 2017
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While choosing the right builder goes a long way toward ensuring that you get the house of your dreams built, it also can be extremely valauble to get a building inspection service to check the house before each payment is due. Here are three reasons you'll be very glad that you did. 

Quicker rectification

Generally speaking, it's quicker to rectify any errors when it is the latest stage that needs rectifying. If you discover issues with the brickwork or plumbing at lockup, for example, you may need to remove subsequent layers such as painting, tiling or plastering to fix the fault. Finding issues quickly lets them be resolved as quickly as possible and allows you to get the house built to your specification as quickly as possible. This is ideal for you and the builder. The building inspection service is experienced in finding issues in the building and explaining them clearly to the builder.

Less stress

If you have not built before or don't have a technical nature it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the terminology involved in building. A building inspection service is ideal for people in this situation as they are familiar with the relevant terms and building standard and can ensure that everything has been completed to standard. They can also ask the builder for evidence of some of the less visible issues such as testing on wiring, plumbing or air conditioning installation to ensure that your house is functional as well as meeting the physical specifications required in the design. 

Fewer repairs

Once you are in the house, your house is covered by a structural guarantee, so you won't need to pay for any immediate repairs, but these issues can still be annoying. It can be frustrating to have to co-ordinate repairs and deal with a less than perfect house while you wait for the tradespeople to arrive. Hiring a building inspection service helps to ensure that the house is in the ideal condition at handover, which should limit your need for repairs beyond the normal scope of wear and tear. 

If you are building a new home, you should use a building inspection service to inspect the house before you release progress payment. This will increase your confidence in the building process, help to ensure that your house gets built as quickly as possible and minimise problems further down the process by ensuring the house is built to the correct standard.