Warning Signs Your House May Be In Dire Need Repiling

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Warning Signs Your House May Be In Dire Need Repiling

21 February 2017
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Piling is the installation of wooden posts, concrete columns or steel sections beneath a house to form the foundations that the building sits on. While piling is installed to last a lifetime, it can deteriorate because of a number of different factors including soft ground conditions, decay and insect attacks (for timber piling), corrosion (for steel piling), mechanical wear, and so on. The foundation of your home is key to its stability.

Repiling involves identifying and replacing any damaged piles so as to reinstate the structural integrity of the house on this new foundation. Below are a few sure-fire signs you should watch out for, as they clearly indicate that your house needs repiling.

House looks tilted from the outside

Does your house look like it is slanted or leaning on one side when you view it from outside? This could be due to possible piling issues. Your piling could have moved due to bad ground conditions, or it might be deteriorated and requires replacement. Whatever the case, this is something you should never take lightly. To find out if the piles are the cause of the problem and to what magnitude, you will need to hire piling contractors to inspect your home's foundation.

Cracks in the walls

The presence of cracks in your interior or exterior walls is yet another sign that you may be experiencing structural damage. When the piles below your house are not able to support the weight of the structure, they can cause movements to occur in the entire building. These movements can result in the formation of cracks on the walls of the building. Before repairing these cracks, it is important to first inspect your piling to determine if it is the root cause of the problem. 

Uneven floors

If your interior doors no longer close properly because they do not have adequate clearance below them, this is an indication that your flooring is not level. Some or all of the piles underneath your house could have moved, making your floors uneven. Therefore, floors that are not level could possibly mean you need repiling. 

If you notice any of the above-highlighted signs, you should immediately contact a piling contractor to come over to your home to assess the damage. Ignoring signs that you could require re-piling is a mistake that will compromise your family's safety, but also put you at risk of losing your home.