Residential Carpentry: Which Balustrade Materials Would Suit Your Home?

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Residential Carpentry: Which Balustrade Materials Would Suit Your Home?

17 February 2017
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If you have a raised exterior living space, it is essential to consider balustrading. These railings or panels function to make the space more attractive while also ensuring that it is secure, preventing unnecessary accidents. There is a wide assortment of materials that you could choose for your balustrades. However, it should also be noted that your choice of material will also dictate the appearance of the balustrades. For instance, intricate designs would require a strong material that will still stay sturdy such as wrought iron. So what are some of the materials that you could consider that would be suitable for your residence's kerb appeal?

Vinyl balustrades

If colour is one of your main objectives when considering balustrading for your exterior living space, then vinyl would be an ideal option for your needs. Some people may be under the assumption that vinyl is not attractive, as it appears similar to cheap plastic. This could not be further from the truth. Technological advancements in the manufacture of this material have now made it possible to mimic an array of other materials by using vinyl. Moreover, the colour is infused right into the vinyl during the manufacturing process so you do not have to worry about it fading or peeling over time due to the exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Another major benefit of vinyl is that it is highly weather resistant. This saves you the trouble of having to engage in tedious maintenance measures to ensure that the vinyl balustrades stay in pristine condition. Lastly, vinyl is also an economical material making it a cost effective solution for people looking to incorporate panels or railings on a budget.

Composite balustrades

If you like the appearance of timber materials but would not want to be burdened with constant treating and sealing of your timber balustrades, you should consider composite materials for your needs. Composite is composed of timber that has been mixed with recycled plastic to create a durable and sturdy material. One of the main advantages of these composite materials is that they look quite similar to timber as they have realistic looking timber grain patterns on their surface.

A second benefit is that the composite materials will not be susceptible to the issues that plague conventional wood supplies. With composite materials, you can rest assured that your balustrades will not be at risk of pest infestations, premature decay, moisture damage, cracking, buckling and a host of other structural problems. However, if you would rather have wood balustrades, contact a local residential carpenter.