Beyond the Closet: Six Ways to Repurpose Old Bi-fold Doors for a Second Act

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Beyond the Closet: Six Ways to Repurpose Old Bi-fold Doors for a Second Act

18 January 2017
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If you have some old bi-fold doors, you can repurpose them into a range of fun projects. If you're looking for ideas, you should check out the following list.

1. Headboard

To make a dramatic impact over your bed, paint some bi-fold doors and attach them to your bed frame with heavy-duty screws. If you like, you can enhance the design by applying decals or painting tree branches, birds, or other items on the bi-fold doors.

This project works with all styles of doors. Depending on the height you want, you can position your doors horizontally or vertically. You can also use a single bi-fold door or multiple doors.

2. Corner Shelf

If you need a spot to hold curio items or books, you may want to build a corner shelf out of a bi-fold door. Simply fold the door so that it makes a right angle. To stabilise it, you may want to add some right-angle brackets above each of the hinges on the door.

To make your shelves, cut plywood into triangular pieces. Finally, attach the shelves to the doors, paint everything, put the shelf in a corner and enjoy.

3. Jewelry Holder

You can combine a jewelry holder with a shelf, or you can simply prop your bi-fold doors against a wall and use it as a jewelry holder. You just need to put small nails or hooks in the doors. Then, hang your necklaces. This can work at home or as a display if you have a small shop.

4. Keepsake Organizer

There are lots of ways you can use bi-fold doors to organize keepsakes or memories. You can put photographs or old postcards between the slats of a louvered door. You can turn the panels of a paneled door into a cork board, and you can use that to display old concert tickets or other trinkets. Alternatively, you can decoupage family photos onto the entire door.

5. Vertical Garden

Want a herb garden in your kitchen? Looking for a fun planter for your deck or patio? Then, you may want to turn bi-fold doors into a vertical garden. You can attach small plants to the side of the door. You can also decorate the door with garden-themed designs such as cute bugs or bumble bees.

6. Gazebo

If you have lots of louvered doors, consider using them to create an outdoor gazebo. You simply need to build a frame, which can be a cubic frame. Then, you add the louvered doors around the perimetre.

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