Hey, You Might Encounter These Problems When Using a Roller Door

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Hey, You Might Encounter These Problems When Using a Roller Door

17 January 2017
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Roller doors are very reliable and convenient for use in places like garages and storage spaces outside the house. Simple as they may look, roller doors have a complex assembly between the frame and the door panel itself. The assembly contains ball bearings, security springs, stoppers, guide rail and the driving bearing head among other parts. Ordinarily, such a complex assembly of items supporting a door panel weighing several kilogrammes is bound to run into problems once in a while. When this happens, it is good to be prepared or at least have some knowledge of what is going on. Here are some of the problems you might encounter after installing a roller door in your home:

Roller Door Stuck in the Halfway Position

A door roller sticking in the halfway position if one of the common problems you are likely to encounter, and one that you might happen more than once. In most cases, this happens because the door's cable has been dislodged from the drumwheel hence it cannot roll smoothly and move the door up or down.  There are several causes for the misalignment of the cable. First, the torsion springs that align the cable to the drumwheel might be loose and incapable of sustaining proper contact. Secondly, brute force resulting from slamming the door too hard might have forced the cable to shift from its position on the drumwheel. In such a case, you should call in a technician to check the condition of the cable, drumwheel and springs. He or she will the make any necessary replacements and realign the cable. Oh, and don't slam your roller door again!

The Remote Handset Won't Work

Controlling roller doors electronically comes with a lot of convenience. However, the remote control might not respond to the commands you are inputting, denying access into the garage. If this happens, try replacing the batteries as they might have run out of steam. Does the problem persist? If yes, then there is a likelihood that someone within a radius of thirty metres has a similar remote controlled door and is using the same frequency as you. This causes frequency interference. You should call in technician to rest your frequency and put an end to the interference.

The Door Goes Back Up by Itself

If your roller hits the base and moves back up on its own, then you have an auto reverse problem caused by worn out springs. This is very common in electronically controlled roller doors. It shows that the springs have lost tensions and need replacement.