Important Features to Consider When Shopping for Rural Sheds

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Important Features to Consider When Shopping for Rural Sheds

16 January 2017
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A rural shed can be needed on any agricultural or dairy farm, and it can also mean more storage for a homeowner with several vehicles or a boat, or who needs a place to work on cars or another hobby. A rural shed is usually a bit lightweight and you may not realize all the features to consider when you are ready to shop. Note a few of those features here so you know what to look for in a rural shed.

Door clearance

It may seem trivial, but there is a difference between the clearance of the door and the interior height of the shed. You may be worried about the interior ceiling and if it will be tall enough to accommodate your boat or a big tractor, but even a roll top door may need some room above it for opening. Remember, too, that you need to consider the height of a boat trailer, the height of any antennas or accessories on the roof of an RV, and similar factors when noting the entry space you'll need in a shed. Be sure you check the clearance, both height and width, of the doors, and choose what you need to safely and easily move your items in and out of the shed.


Don't assume you can or should save money on a rural shed by getting one without electrical wiring already installed, thinking you can run wiring to it yourself. This can result in exposed wires installed along the shed's interior walls, or installing the wrong wiring for the volts and amps you'll need for various equipment. It can be good to simply invest in a shed with the wiring already installed if you know you'll need electrical hook-ups in the shed, so it's done safely and properly.


Aluminium is lightweight and doesn't rust; it's a good choice if you think you might relocate your shed on your property, and it may be the most affordable option. However, aluminium can also be very noisy during inclement weather and, if you opt for a thin sheet of aluminium for the shed's frame, it may even rattle in the wind!

Steel is stronger and can be powder coated so that it's protected from the elements, and skins of steel with an insulating material between them can mean better climate control inside; this may mean less risk of moisture building up and allowing rust to form on your store vehicles or boat. This also means less noise from the body of the shed during inclement weather.