Window tinting: the ultimate sunblock protection

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Window tinting: the ultimate sunblock protection

11 January 2017
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When you go down to the beach or pool during summer, you make sure you apply sunscreen, and maybe you even bring a tent, umbrella, hat, and/or sunglasses. It makes sense – why put your health at risk when you don't need to? The same principle applies at your home. If you like to keep the blinds open during the day, summer can be brutal. But even if you do like to use blinds or curtains during the day, it's nice to have the option of letting a little bit of sunshine in. However, home window tinting does much more than simply keep you cool; a privacy film can filter out 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ultraviolet is actually the main reason for the fading of carpets, curtains, or soft furnishings over time.

Window tinting can also wipe hundreds of dollars off your power bill each year. This is because air conditioners don't have to work as hard to keep a room cool when it is already much cooler due to tinting. Additionally, window tinting looks stylish and can accentuate your decor. It also makes your room much more private, and because we're talking about home window tinting, you could essentially make it one-way glass if you so choose – unlike automobile windows, where you can only legally tint your windows so much.

In an age where privacy is of the utmost concern, we put passwords on our phones, we protect our banking information, and some of us even use CCTV to safeguard against home incursions. However, those of us without tinted windows are opening ourselves up to peeping toms and potential burglars, who are always looking to opportunistically glean information whenever you're away from home. Tinted windows are a great way of making you and your family safer as well as cooler.

Also, if you have pets or young children who might not be able to perceive glass as an obstacle very well, tinted glass practically eliminates this problem. Window tinting doesn't just save you money; it is also a highly effective coolant system that doesn't drain any power. Tinted windows can reduce glare by up to 87%, meaning you don't need to worry about a ray of light searing your eyes as you walk towards the window; furthermore, 83% of all heat energy that travels through your tinted windows will dissipate as it enters your home. If you want to save money and enjoy cooler, more comfortable summers at home, home window tinting is an excellent choice.