Three Ways to Make Your Timber Decking Safer at Night

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Three Ways to Make Your Timber Decking Safer at Night

11 January 2017
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Timber decking is a great way to create a raised seating area in your garden. Dining or relaxing outside at night can be lots of fun when it's warm, but there are a few steps you'll need to take to make sure that your decking is safe. Using your deck while it's dark comes with an increased risk of slips and trips, and you should be particularly cautious if children or elderly family members will be outside. By installing lighting around the deck, putting up railings and investing in anti-slip inserts, you'll minimise the risk of anyone getting hurt and can focus on enjoying your timber decking.

Install lighting

Lights can be installed directly onto your decking, where they'll slot in neatly. Positioning lights close to edge of your deck will prevent anyone from misjudging the size of the deck and falling. You can also use them to mark the sides of steps, making them much easier to walk up and down in the dark. The lights are available in a variety of colours, but white will be the brightest for safety purposes. Investing in larger lights to attach to the wall of your home or the railings of your deck will provide even more light, ideal if you'll be spending lots of time entertaining at night.

Add railings

Installing railings around the edge of your deck will help to make it much safer and is essential if children will be playing in the area. Falling from a raised deck could cause serious injury, and having secure railings in place means that any slips or trips won't be the end of the world. Choose railings without large gaps, as small children could squeeze through these. Properly installed railings also offer a sturdy handhold for anyone who struggles to walk, making them perfect if you have elderly guests or family members.

Use anti-slip inserts

Decking can become slippery when wet, and the risk is increased at night. You may not notice that decking is wet while it's dark, so having anti-slip inserts installed is a great precautionary measure. Anti-slip decking inserts are made from a rough, textured material which provides plenty of grip. They can be slotted into the existing grooves of your deck, making them easy to install. Inserts are available in a variety of widths, and can be trimmed to the correct length. These inserts are worth considering even if you don't get a lot of rain, as splashes and spills can make the deck just as slippery.