How to Use Glass to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Place of Wonder

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How to Use Glass to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Place of Wonder

11 January 2017
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A kitchen is not merely a workplace any more. In a large number of Australian homes it is ground zero for family gatherings, a hub of activity during evenings and at weekends and even a place to extend hospitality to visiting friends. It's crucial, therefore, to blend functionality with style and to make sure this room looks as fine as all the rest. To help you do this, make sure that you select a glass splashback during your next renovation. Why are they so important?

Making a Choice

A kitchen can be a messy place and you want to protect the walls from grease, dirty fingers, splashes and stains. To help you do this, there are a large number of splashback products. You can choose from marble, brick, tile or stainless steel, but glass is the most popular choice today. This is because it's the easiest to clean of all the options, is nonporous and simply looks the best.

Function with Style

The type of toughened glass used to create splashbacks is highly resistant to impact, so you won't have to worry about an accidentally out-of-control and fully laden crockpot. It can withstand very high temperatures and all while retaining its natural, reflective beauty.

Reflecting What's All around You

Glass splashbacks come in so many shapes, sizes, colours and designs that you can choose a finished product that fully reflects your personality and the space that you live in. If you have a large, open kitchen with lots of natural light then this type of finish will enhance that. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors that help you admire the greenery outside, this type of finish will bring that right into your living space.

Expressing Your Individuality

As you know, glass is used extensively when it comes to engraving and this means that your glass splashback can be designed to incorporate a wide variety of patterns or individual images that you choose. Your artwork can be built in during manufacture and once transferred to your walls will create a kitchen environment that is truly an extension of you.

You might also want to position some LED lighting strategically to really bring out its true nature. This will allow you to transform this crucial area of the home, so that it looks entirely different at night than it does in the day.

Planning It out

No other material gives you the type of flexibility that glass does when it comes to creating your new look kitchen. Have a word with the designers at your supply company to come up with your own groundbreaking creation.