3 Features That Increase the Usefulness of Outdoor Lighting

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3 Features That Increase the Usefulness of Outdoor Lighting

10 January 2017
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Outdoor lighting is very important because it can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes in your home. This article discusses three features of outdoor lighting that you should think about in order to increase the value that you get from that lighting.

Sensitivity of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are very helpful in managing the energy consumed by your security lighting because the lights only come on once they detect movement in the path of the sensors. However, motion sensors may become an inconvenience in case they keep turning on the lights when every slight movement, such as flying crickets, is detected. It is therefore better to programme those sensors to turn on the lights once a large object, such as a human being or a large animal, is detected. This will prevent the lights from coming on frequently when negligible movements, such as scampering rodents, get in the path of the sensors.

Pathway Lighting

Consider a landscape lighting design that addresses your lighting needs when you are moving to different parts of your property, such as along the driveway or as you go to the back door of your home. Such pathway lighting will prevent avoidable accidents, such as broken ankles sustained when you trip on something as you walk in the dark. Pathway lighting also concentrates outdoor lighting where it is most needed.


Consider including spotlights in your outdoor lighting design. Those spotlights should be available when the need arises, such as when family members are evacuating the home during an emergency that occurs at night. Spotlights help to light up a target area, such as a point of convergence once people run out of a burning home. You may not need to be concerned about the higher energy demands of spotlights because they will only be used during those rare occasions when bright light needs to be focused on a selected part of your property.

As you can see, outdoor lighting can be installed to address security, safety and aesthetic considerations. Many homeowners can easily install some components of that landscape lighting system. However, it is better to consult a provider of electrical services in case you would like to avoid some of the mistakes that can compromise the integrity of your outdoor electrical system. For instance, only an expert can select the most cost-effective way to comply with the electrical code of your area while installing outdoor lighting in high-risk areas, such as around swimming pools.