Diamond Drill Bits For Selective Demolition Projects — An Overview

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Diamond Drill Bits For Selective Demolition Projects — An Overview

6 January 2017
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Some construction projects demand that selective demolition takes place without damaging surrounding structures that you want to keep intact. For projects like these, diamond drill bits and diamond core drills make the perfect choice of tools for precision demolition work on hard materials. Here's some helpful information that you should know about diamond tip and core drills.

Diamond drill bits

Diamond drill bits can be used for drilling through very hard materials including:

  • stone and rock
  • ceramics and tiles
  • porcelain
  • very hard wood

Diamond drill bits should not be used on soft woods or metal. Materials like these are too soft and will clog-up the drill bit. You cannot use diamond drill bits on tempered glass, as this will cause it to crack. For materials such as these, you should use stainless steel drill bits, as they tend to be gentler on the material and won't damage it.

Diamond core drills

Diamond core drills are also suitable for use on very hard materials, but unlike diamond drill bits, they are formed of a hollow steel tube with diamond tipped segments. Diamond core drills are commonly used within the construction industry for drilling through concrete, for carrying out core sample extractions in the mining industry, and for drilling porcelain tiles and granite worktops in the interior decorating trade. 

Sintered and electroplated or coated diamond drill bits

Within the family of diamond drill bits are sintered and electroplated or coated diamond drill bits.

Sintered diamond is bonded to the matrix over several layers at extremely high temperatures. Each time you use the drill bit you must clean it with an aluminium oxide stone. This will reveal a new layer of diamonds, effectively renewing the drill bit and extending its life. Sintered core drills are generally used by professional tradesmen, such as stone masons, stone carvers, and glass engravers.

Electroplated or coated diamonds are bonded in a single layer, using nickel. They don't last as long as sintered diamond drill bits do, as once this single layer has worn away the drill bit will require replacement. 

All types of diamond tipped drill bits require cooling with water during operation to prevent overheating that could damage the drill's motor.

In conclusion

Diamond tipped drill bits are perfect for use on selective demolition jobs where very hard material requires removal. For more advice and information on choosing the correct tools for your individual needs, have a chat with a reputable supplier of industrial demolition equipment.