Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Kitchen

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Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Kitchen

4 January 2017
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Mosaic tiles are beautiful and vibrant glass tiles, usually in square shapes, that can provide a lot of different decorative benefits. These tiles are often designed with various colours and patterns, and typically have a shiny glaze to really enhance the elegance of any space in your home. They are particularly useful in your kitchen in the following ways.


One of the more common ways to use glass mosaic tiles in the kitchen is by using them as a splashback. There are both cosmetic and practical uses for a splashback in your kitchen. First of all, it is practical because the glass tile protects your wall when there are splashes from the pots on the stove. It is much easier to clean glass tiles than a painted wall. Cosmetically, they add a beautiful appearance to your kitchen. You can choose from a wide range of styles, whether you choose all of the same colour, or mix and match to create your own pattern.

Sink Design

Believe it or not, many people have their kitchen sinks custom-made by incorporating mosaic tiles. The tiles are attached to the inside of a ceramic sink, typically by a professional. You can attempt this on your own, but it is quite a lot more difficult than just adding the tiles to your wall as a splashback. While it does cost a little more to have a professional design your sink with mosaic tiles, it makes a unique effect you won't see anywhere else.

Custom Countertops

Another use for mosaic tiles in your kitchen is adhering them to your countertops. Similar to the sink design, they are added on top of the main material used for your countertops. The good thing about this is that the countertop material does not need to be unfinished, as long as it is durable. You can really get creative here by selecting different colours or patterns from the mosaic tiles. You can have a coastal look with blues and greens, or use the tiles of different colours to create a pattern of a butterfly or heart shapes on your countertops.

Kitchen Table Accent

Do you have a kitchen table that is in need of some revamping? Instead of throwing it away or refinishing it, consider simply covering the top surface with glass mosaic tiles. These are going to give your kitchen a bright and updated look, without requiring you to buy an entirely brand new kitchen table.