Tree Services: The Different Types That You Could Consider

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Tree Services: The Different Types That You Could Consider

3 January 2017
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If you have trees in your backyard, chances are you will require the services of an arboriculturist at one time or another. However, for some homeowners who have moved onto a new property and have never had to care for trees, they may not know where to begin when it comes to seeking tree services. Tree services are crucial in ensuring that your trees are not only thriving but that they will not pose as a hazardous risk of your property. If you have newly moved into a home that has trees on the property, the following are some of the different types of tree services that you may have to consider.

Tree removal services

Although trees can enhance the kerb appeal of their home, when they become ill or aged, they can become a potential danger on your property. Old, overgrown limbs may develop the propensity of branching out to power lines and this can cause major disruptions for you and your neighbours. On the other hand, an old tree that is no longer sturdy may pose the risk of property damage by falling over on its own or their stability becoming compromised during stormy weather. In these instances, it would be crucial to hire an arboriculturist to come and fell the tree safely. It should be noted though that some trees may be protected by the law from being felled. If this is the case, you may need to get special permits from your local council before you can have the tree removed.

Tree surgery services

Another type of service that you may require is tree surgery. Although this is an important aspect of tree care, not many homeowners are aware that they can actually get surgery performed on their trees. Tree surgery would be prudent if your tree has developed a fungal infection. It would be best to seek this service as soon as you see signs of the infection before it gets the chance to spread and affect your entire tree. Another reason why your tree would require surgery is if it has developed diseased limbs, a damaged trunk and more. The arboriculturist will cut away the affected parts in an attempt to restore the health of the tree without compromising its structural integrity.

Tree shaping services

If you would like to enhance the aesthetics of your trees, you could consider tree shaping. Tree shaping services can be performed to trim away overgrown parts of the tree to give it a kempt appearance. Tree shaping can also be done to creatively change the appearance of the tree such as to make it look like an animal, a symmetrical figure and more.