How to Choose the Right Location for Your Portable Classroom

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How to Choose the Right Location for Your Portable Classroom

3 January 2017
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Whether you're having portable classrooms or demountables installed as a temporary measure while work is carried out on your main building, or planning some extra classrooms as a permanent addition to your school, choosing the right location is essential. You need to make sure that the classroom is easy to access for all pupils and staff, including those with disabilities. You should ensure that your chosen location is easy to get to for installation of the unit. You should also consider the location of the sun, and how it will affect lighting inside the classroom. Read on for details on choosing the perfect location.

Make it accessible

Your portable classroom should be easy for all staff and pupils to access. This means that the route to the classroom should be suitable for wheelchair users and students who may have difficulty walking. A wide paved area fitted with handrails on both sides is ideal, and keeping the portable classroom close to your main building means that disabled students will not have too far to travel to reach it. Choose a portable classroom with a wide, sturdy ramp in front to ensure that there are no issues with steps.

Plan for installation

De-mountable, portable classrooms will be delivered ready-built to your site. This means they're quick and efficient to install, and you won't have a long waiting time -- this is ideal if you've suffered unexpected damage to your main building and need a unit installed quickly. You should ensure that the location you choose for your classroom is easy to access, with extra room for installation. Choosing a location which is easy to drive to from the road means that your unit can be driven in and installed quickly and easily. If the classroom is only a temporary measure, it will also be easy to remove when no longer needed, and you won't have to wait a long time to get playground or field spaces back for regular use.

Consider the sun

Outdoor classrooms benefit from more light than those inside your main building, making them perfect for classes like art. Consider the location of the sun during main classes, and try to position the classroom in an area where it will receive plenty of light. Ideally, it won't be in the shadow of another building. Portable classrooms are designed using thermal materials to keep heat in, so there's no need to worry about it getting too cold. Equally, high-quality ventilation units will prevent the classroom from heating up too much in the sun.