Custom Swimming Pool: Crucial Considerations for the Most Ideal Design

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Custom Swimming Pool: Crucial Considerations for the Most Ideal Design

3 January 2017
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If you are building a new swimming pool or remodelling your existing one, you should consider choosing custom construction. This option is favourable because it will allow you to create a water feature which matches your home's style and design as well as your family's needs and preferences. In general, there are numerous factors that you should evaluate to ensure that the construction project is a success. Here are the most critical design considerations to help you create the perfect custom swimming pool.

Pool Shape

You should think about the size and shape of your swimming pool at the beginning of your project. These are important aspects because they will affect the visual appeal and the functionality of the new feature. Ideally, a custom pool can be made in a simple rectangular or irregular freeform shape. The latter is favoured because it presents unique aesthetics, and it can be created to complement the configuration of your outdoor space. However, if you like swimming in laps for exercise, this shape is restrictive. The rectangular shape is more practical and functional, but the visual impact is limited. If you choose this shape, consider using rounded corners to soften the linear appearance.

Location and General Orientation

The location and orientation of your pool will affect your long-term comfort because these factors will determine the amount of sunlight and shade that the feature will get. Therefore, you should evaluate the potential spots in terms of the hours of sunlight and the associated timing as well as consider how your building will cast a shadow. The orientation refers to the placement of the pool in relation to the four cardinal directions. If the feature is installed to the south of the building, there will be minimal natural sunlight. On the other hand, when the orientation is west, there will be excessive sunlight. If these are your only two options, you should think about artificial lighting and shading solutions like pergolas and louvers respectively.

Specialty Features

There are beautiful and functional features which you can incorporate into your custom pool. Your choice in these advanced design aspects will primarily depend on your personal taste. If your yard is spacious, consider creating an outdoor entertainment space next to the pool. For example, you can create a sundeck, barbeque spot or install a patio with outdoor furniture. You should also incorporate additional water features such as an attached spa or even a rock waterfall.

For the best results, discuss all applicable pool design options with your pool contractor.