How to Know Whether You Need Commercial Painting or Residential Painting

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How to Know Whether You Need Commercial Painting or Residential Painting

30 December 2016
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Although many people may not differentiate between residential painting and commercial painting, there exist a huge difference between residential painters and commercial painters. However, there are some parallels between them, but the difference comes in the job assignments these two painters receive in pertinence to painting jobs. When looking for a painting company to handle your painting project, these two classes may look very similar. Here are a few important question to ask to know whether you'll need a commercial or residential painter:

How big is your painting project?

Businesses are often much large than residential homes, which means that the project requires more human resources and complex planning which can only be offered by a commercial painting company. Commercial painting company will come equipped with all the equipment and materials needed to complete your enormous project. Besides, they'll also likely come with staff dedicated solely to planning and organizing your project, ready to join efforts with other contractors to get the project completed within your deadline.

What building material do you need painted?

Contractors focusing solely on residential painting jobs will have experience predominantly limited to homes and other residential spaces, while commercial contractors will work more with companies and businesses. This limits the exposure of residential painters to materials used in home-building like siding and wood. Commercial painters, on the other hand, have wider experience as they have dealt with a range of materials including concrete, metal, stucco, and all the materials used for home-building.

What supplies does the project require?

You might not have a conclusive answer to this question, but an experienced commercial painting contractor will write down all the requirement for the project. Business and company building with a lot of traffic require durable painting as well as other protective coatings because the rate of wear and tear is quite higher than a living space or residential home. A commercial painter will notify you of everything that is needed and be ready to provide it conveniently.

What is your timeline?

This is a crucial question to ask, as most residential painters will only work during the daytime hours, Monday through Friday. Their work schedule can be problematic for many businesses who are operating at the same time. The best commercial painting contractors come prepared to fit their schedule to yours and have the right equipment in place to work at night and on the weekends.

Do you require more services than just painting?

Commercial painters may offer other services such as coating, surface preparation, or sandblasting. Depending on your project, a commercial painting company may offer more information about these issues.