Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Trusses

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Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Trusses

30 December 2016
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Timber trusses come in a basket full of advantages. While many people would love to use them and experience the benefits, there are still some questions that they need answers to before making up their minds. Below are some commonly asked questions about timber trusses and timber wall frames.

Does Timber Frame Change with Age?

When you consider timber trusses for your home or structure, you should be open to the reality that everything changes with age. Being a natural building material, wood usually gets slight changes in color and grain. In most cases, little separations known as checking occur in the wood, but the good news is that they do not interfere with the timber quality.

Timber checking can occur due to two reasons; if the wood is made to dry too fast and they can also occur naturally to timbers with heartwood. Either way, checking can be prevented through the application of wax-based sealants that slow the moisture release or avoiding the use of timbers with heart.

What Is the Best House Foundation for a House with Timber Frame and Trusses?

Timber framed structures do not have the limitation of the kind of foundation they should be built on, and this includes the basement, slab, and grade beam and pier systems. As long as the construction engineer structurally engineers the foundation following the required construction details, your house foundation should turn just fine.

Does Plumbing and Wiring a House Made of Timber Trusses and Frames Pose a Problem?

During the design development of your house, plumbing, and electrical wiring are given consideration and included in the design. Therefore, when the house is complete, there should be no problem installing the two systems. Usually, the plumbing piping is run through the interior of the walls to conceal them.

What are Hammer Bent Trusses?

Hammer bent trusses are a modification of the cathedral ceiling to add beauty feature to your custom home. Hammer bent styles come in different shapes including sheds, porches and also form L's.

Is it Possible to Use Beautiful Woods that Were Used in the Past?

In the past, beautiful woods were used in home construction. However, these days they are rare to come across. Fortunately, you can reclaim beautiful wood pieces from old structures and incorporate them into the building of your house. Prior using, these pieces should be taken to the lumber company for modification.

To further beautify your home, you can use accents whereby you add small timber pieces which add character and interest to your home.