Different Reasons Why You May Have Developed Blocked Drains

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Different Reasons Why You May Have Developed Blocked Drains

29 December 2016
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As long as you have a plumbing system, you will inevitably have to contend with plumbing issues. One of the more common problems that homeowners will experience is drains that have developed blockages. The reality is that there an array of reasons why blocked drains develop. Knowing what could be the trigger on your individual premises makes you better placed at ensuring you decrease the frequency of this occurrence. The following are some of the different reasons why you may have developed blocked drains in your home.

There are foreign objects in the plumbing

One of the main causes of blocked drains in residences is the presence of foreign matter within the drainage system. This foreign matter can be in the form of food particles, biofilm, hair, soap scum, grease and more. In the beginning, these items may not cause much of a problem in your drainage system. However, over time they begin to coagulate in your drainage, which leads to the further accumulation of foreign matter within your piping. As such, this problem is typically a common occurrence in an older home as the drainage system will have been exposed to heavy usage over time. It would be prudent to engage in regular drain cleaning to keep your plumbing in working order.

There has been heavy downpour

If you regularly embark on drain cleaning but find that you are still experiencing blocked drains, the culprit could be the weather. Heavy downpour and recurrent stormy weather can cause debris such as twigs, leaves, soil and more to be deposited into your sewer lines. This debris compounded with the large volume of water that is being flushed through the drainage systems during a storm can lead to severe blockages, as your drain lines are not designed to accommodate this amount of water. It would be advisable to opt for drain cleaning after a major storm to prevent this from happening.

There are broken pipes in your plumbing

Another reason why you may begin to experience frequently blocked drains is if the structural integrity of your plumbing has become compromised. If there are broken pipes within the plumbing, they will become an impediment to the flow of water. One of the common causes of broken pipes is overgrown roots that pierce into your plumbing. It would be prudent to have a plumber carry out an inspection to determine the cause of the blockage and remedy it before you have to deal with extensive water damage.