Quick Tips for Making Your Home's Patio More Comfortable and Inviting

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Quick Tips for Making Your Home's Patio More Comfortable and Inviting

21 December 2016
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Having a patio along the back or side of your home doesn't mean that you'll automatically enjoy your outdoor space, as a dull and drab patio is anything but welcoming, and it may not be very comfortable either. You don't need to overspend on creating a backyard oasis, as sometimes just a few simple touches can make that patio space one your family will really love. Note a few tips on how to do this.

1. Add blinds or roller shades

You may love the sunlight and fresh air of your patio, but too much sun can mean too much heat, making the space stuffy and uncomfortable. Blinds or roller shades in a translucent material can block out some of the sun's hurtful rays while still allowing in light and not actually blocking the view itself; this gives you more control over the temperature of your patio and can also protect plants from getting too much sun. Motorized blinds or shades allow you to easily adjust the amount of light you allow in without having to constantly get up from your comfortable spot.

2. Use paver stones rather than concrete

If you're just installing a new patio or need to refurbish it, consider paver stones rather than poured concrete. These can offer a more attractive appearance, and they are usually softer underfoot, so you're more comfortable when you're barefoot on your patio. If your patio already has a concrete floor, talk to a contractor about adding paver stones right over it so you have that nice appearance but without the work of tearing up the current surface.

3. Add a water feature

The sound of running water can be very relaxing, but you don't need to install a pool, koi pond, or waterfall in your yard. There are many tabletop water fountains that run with electricity, and some you can hang on the wall like artwork. Not only can the noise be very soothing, but it can also help to block out the sound of traffic, your neighbours, and other such distractions.

4. Add storage

Nothing detracts from a comfortable atmosphere of a patio like barbecue supplies and other items being left out, so get some storage for the area. This can mean benches that open at the bottom for storage or attractive rattan or wicker storage boxes where you can hide away extra cushions or other supplies when not in use. Avoid cheap plastic storage bins as these won't add to the look of your patio, and instead, opt for storage that is attractive as well as functional.