The Home Advantage: 4 Ways to Secure Your Property

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The Home Advantage: 4 Ways to Secure Your Property

23 March 2016
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Few things are more terrifying than the idea of a home break in. Not only could your valuable property be put at risk but also your loved ones. There were 335,700 recorded break ins across Australia in 2009-10, and with 36% of Australian households believing they are likely to be a victim of burglary - isn't it time you took a look at the follow 4 ways to secure your property?

Install an Alarm System (and use it)

If you don't already have one, the first step you should take towards securing your home is to install an alarm system. Seeing that a home has an alarm system will often prevent an intruder from even attempting to break in and if they do, it will quickly alert you or your neighbours that someone has entered your house. However, alarm systems only work if they are activated. A large number of homeowners install expensive alarm systems but fail to arm them when leaving the house.

Security Doors and Windows

Strengthening entry points will make it much tougher for a burglar to enter your home. Security doors and windows have a strong frame, normally made from wrought iron or steel, making them more secure than traditional doors and windows made of wood or plastic. Security doors and windows will generally have heavy-duty locks and a deadbolt to help keep your home secure. For more information, visit or a similar website.

Lights and Motion Sensors

When darkness falls, your home becomes more vulnerable to break-in. Therefore, having adequate illumination is vital if you wish to deter criminals who wish to gain entry to your property. Install multi-directional lights on the front and back of your property with infer-red motion sensors so they will be triggered if anyone approaches your home. This should help to scare off the burglar and act as an early warning to you that your property might be a risk.

Automatic Timers

Thieves will often look for homes that are not lit after dark, as they know there is a good chance no one is home. If you are going to be away overnight or back late during the dark winter months, investing in timers for your lights could be a great way to defend your property. Automatic timers can be set to switch on your lights for set periods, making your home look occupied, helping to deter would be burglars.